Sports Medicine

Hours of Operation

Evaluations, Treatment, Therapeutic Exercise

  • M 10:00 am-12:00 pm 1:00 pm -3:30pm
  • T-F 10:00am- 3:30pm

Events and Practice Coverage

  • M-F 3:30 pm- 8:00 pm and/or as scheduled

Scheduling Appointments

Sports Medicine staff appointments

Team Physician appointments will be scheduled through a sports medicine staff member.  

Athletic Performance Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Athletic Performance department to provide the most comprehensive high quality of care of the whole student-athlete.  The Athletic Performance department consists of Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning programs.  These programs will work in conjunction to provide professional, high quality care and athletic development.    

Sports Medicine Philosophy

Bates College supports a philosophy of athletic participation that places the health and well-being of all student-athletes as the highest priority. The Sports Medicine department recognizes that it is critical to have a trained team of experts to treat a wide variety of health related conditions. The Sports Medicine staff will be comprised of medical professionals whose mission is to provide the highest standard of care.  The Sports Medicine staff will continually review current practices as well as seek out continuing education opportunities in an effort to provide and maintain the highest standard of care. In keeping with this philosophy, there is a shared commitment among members of the sports medicine and coaching staffs to be vigilant in conducting practices and contests safely while responding to accidents, injuries and illnesses promptly and effectively, and to assist student-athletes in obtaining appropriate evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. 

Sports Medicine Objectives

  • If a student-athlete is injured or ill, a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) or physician will restrict their participation until he/she is healthy and physically able to tolerate the demands of their specific sport.
  • All return to play decisions are the sole decision of the Sports Medicine staff.
  • A commitment by the student-athlete to adhere to the prescribed treatment programs and schedule is essential and expected.
  • The Sports Medicine staff will make every effort to provide a positive and supportive environment to assist the student athlete in recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Educate student athletes and coaches on strategies and habits that promote a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.
  • The Sports Medicine department will seek out access to medical providers who share in the sports medicine philosophy in an effort to provide the highest quality of care available. 
  • The Sports Medicine staff will provide coverage for practices and all games as needed and available to do so in compliance with the College, NCAA, and New England Small College Athletic Conference.
  • The sports medicine department does not support the use of performance enhancing or recreational drugs