Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)


The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) promotes and maintains among the Bates College student-athletes good sportsmanship, academic excellence, and involvement in the campus and local community. SAAC members represent all intercollegiate student-athletes and each varsity sport as well as each of the club sport programs supported by Athletics. SAAC representatives meet directly with the Director of Athletics and the SAAC Advisor on a regular basis and through that interaction, positively impact the general administration of the athletics program to the benefit of the intercollegiate sports participants.


The SAAC is directed by four chair persons, and to accomplish the work of the organization, the SAAC representatives are asked to serve on committees related to projects that SAAC will undertake in a given year.

In addition, the SAAC maintains an ad hoc Code of Ethics Subcommittee comprised of the four chairs. The Subcommittee is convened specifically to consider potential violations of the Student-Athlete Code of Ethics and to determine whether a particular case should be brought before the entire SAAC for adjudication. 

SAAC Student Profiles

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